• Testimonials

  • I am a general dentist who refers patients to the Wengers for orthodontics frequently. I have been consistently impressed with their ability to treat patients with many orthodontic needs and would recommend them to anyone.

    Jessica P.

  • I will be sad when our last of 4 children is finished with his braces. We started out when Dr Terry Wenger was the only orthodontist in the practice and over the years his two sons have joined the practice. Not only are Dr Terry, Dr. Ryan and Dr. Reid the best in their field they are the kindest and most caring individuals we have had the honor of being their patients. Most of their staff have been their for a long time, kind, helpful and many have become friends. Happy, kind employees says a lot about this practice.

    Judy P.

  • I now have my 3rd child receiving care through the Wenger team! These docs are professional, warm and experienced. We also appreciate the genuine kindness and sincerity of their staff. The payment plan made these treatments affordably comfortable so I never had to stress out about the fees. While waiting for my child, the office supplies beverages, a tv, various interesting reading materials,a spacious waiting area, a game system that children and adults enjoy, and office décor corresponding with seasons and holidays. Sometimes when my daughter's appointment ends, I remain in the waiting room for a bit longer to enjoy the atmosphere! Advertising their business on lip balm is also a beneficial and brilliant idea! I can not think of any way for this group of docs to improve! I encourage you to seriously consider this team of true professionals when it comes time to research orthodontic care for yourself or loved ones!

    Gene Plaga

  • I love everybody here! The staff is always warm and friendly and Dr. Ryan is just incredible. They really go out of their way to make me feel comfortable. The process (so far) has been painless and stress free, and I look forward to seeing the end result!

    Debbie Damiano