For Adults

Orthodontic treatment can be successful at any age and adults especially appreciate the benefits of a beautiful smile. One of every five patients in orthodontic treatment is over the age of 21. Adult orthodontics often requires a team approach with other dental specialists. A periodontist or general dentist must confirm that the gums and the bone surrounding the teeth are healthy before braces or Invisalign can begin. For patients who have experienced loss of gum tissue or bone around their teeth, periodontal treatment either before, during or after braces may be needed. During orthodontic treatment, all patients require regular dental checkups to monitor their gums and teeth. For patients with missing teeth, Drs. Wenger and Orabi can create the ideal space for future dental implants. Some adults may have worn-down teeth due to grinding and clenching. Wenger Orthodontics can move these teeth back to their original positions prior to the attrition. Then, the restorative dentist bonds or veneers these teeth back to their original shape. To see if you would benefit from adult orthodontics with either traditional braces or aligners, contact our office at 440-442-0916 to schedule a courtesy consultation.